Report a repair

Reporting a repair

It is essential that customers report any repairs to us as soon as possible. Reporting a repair is quick and easy and can be done through any of the following methods:

  • Telephone the Repairs Hotline on 01253 477875 from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Text from a mobile. Text the word Repairs to 07796994759. Your details will be sent to the Repairs Hotline who will call you back for more details about your repair (during office opening hours)
  • Email Your details will be sent to the Repairs Hotline who will contact you either that same day or the next working day to confirm details of when the repair will take place. Please can you move the email section to below the text line.
  • Out of Hours – see details below
  • Emergency Repairs – see details below * Email Your details will be sent to the Repairs Hotline who will contact you either that same day or the next working day to confirm details of when the repair will take place.


If you can smell gas or in the event of a gas leak, IMMEDIATELY telephone TRANSCO on 0800 111 999


  • Smoke
  • Strike a Match
  • Operate Lights or Power Switches


  • Turn off the gas at control valve (usually near the meter)
  • Open Doors and Windows
  • Extinguish Naked Flames

United Utilities

Mains water leaks should be reported to United Utilities on 0800 330 03

Out of hours

We appreciate that customers may need to report a repair when the Repairs Hotline is closed. If the repair is an emergency BCH provide an Out of Hours service.

The aim of the Out of Hours service is to:

  • Ensure that the emergency repair is made safe. They may have to return to the property the following day to complete the repair
  • If the property itself has been affected as a result of the repair this will also be made safe
  • Ensure that residents living or visiting the property are not left in danger in their home

Our out of hours number is 0800 073 0184

Examples of emergency repairs

Not every repair can be classed as an emergency. Examples of an emergency repair may include:

  • Burst or leaking water pipes; if the leak or burst pipe has a large amount of water ‘flowing’ out – this will be treated as urgent and we will ensure this is made safe. If it is a ‘drip’ (not enough to fill a bucket overnight) an appointment will be made for the next working day
  • Sewage which is overflowing inside your home
  • Home Security. This includes damaged external doors and windows that have become insecure as a result of a crime or similar. We ask that these are also reported to the Police as a crime reference number is required. If the damage was caused as a result of a customer’s own actions, it is their responsibility to arrange a repair as a recharge will apply if My Blackpool Home has to carry out the repair.
  • An emergency is when there is a risk associated to a person’s life, health or property.
  • In some instances they may only be able to carry out a temporary repair to ensure the situation is made safe and secure. Once this has been done, arrangements will then be made to complete the repair as required.

Opening hours

The Out of Hours Emergency Service is available during the following hours:

  • From Monday to Thursday 5pm – 8am
  • Friday from 5pm through to Monday 8am

To report an out of hours emergency repair, you can call the Repairs Hotline telephone number on 01253 477875.

Items which are your responsibility to repair, include:

  • Anything you have fitted yourself such as a fire, cooker, fridge or washing machine
  • Adjusting or replacing doors when you fit or remove carpets
  • Decorating your home
  • Maintaining gardens including garden sheds
  • TV aerials unless you live in a block which has a communal aerial system fitted
  • Telephone installations
  • Replacing toilet seats, bath or sink plugs and chains
  • Replacing door keys

Making payment for a recharge

Once it has been decided that you are eligible for a recharge, an invoice will be sent out to your home address. This will advise you of the recharge amount and give you an account reference number. You will need to quote this reference number when making a payment.

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