Blackpool Housing Company (BHC) is blessed with a small team of highly motivated and skilful staff who are committed to improving the lives of local residents living in some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK (IMD 2019?).

Working exclusively within the inner areas of the resort and a severely dysfunctional private rented sector (PRS) market, Blackpool Housing Company team provides a 360 degree service that encompasses all aspects of property development, management and tenancy support. BHC acquires, develops and manages properties for rent in the private rented sector but also supports our tenants in all aspects of their tenancy.

We focus on tackling neglected and derelict properties and creating the circumstances from which our customers can set down roots and build a home lies at the heart of everything BHC does. This is not only innovative but is unique in the private rented sector and in some of the most challenging locations. The BHC team provides all of these services but it is the commitment and dedication to go above and beyond to support our community that stands out in everything we do.

Our team go the extra “golden mile” with a wider contribution to support a range of local charitable causes and events. For example the team supported the renovation of the Young Carers Centre as part of “DIY SOS Big Build.” This involved getting involved working outside of their normal working hours to represent the company and contribute to the renovation.