Responsive Repairs

To assist with your tenancy, below is a list of landlord and tenant responsibilities which may be helpful for you.

If you have any queries regarding repairs please call the office on 01253 477875 or email

We as landlords are responsible for most repairs in your home but not for any repairs caused by the tenant’s actions.

Tenants are responsible for ensuring their property stays sanitary, clean and in good repair and ensuring major issues such as leaks are reported in a timely manner to minimise any damage caused.

Smoke alarms

Replacing batteries is the tenant’s responsibility, smoke alarms are also not be removed.

Light bulbs

Tenants are responsible for changing light bulbs in their property.

Re-pressurising your boiler

If your boiler needs re-pressurising this is the tenant’s responsibility – you can find videos to show you how to do this here.

NOTE – if your boiler has been re-pressurised but keeps losing pressure this can be reported as a repair

TV aerials

We will ensure all properties owned by us have a working aerial on move in – if your aerial is not working on move in, please report this as a repair.

Communal aerials

We as the landlord will be responsible for communal aerials .

Single dwelling aerials

If the aerial is damaged/ stops working after move in this is the tenant’s responsibility.

Drainage/ Blockages

Any blockages deemed to be the tenant’s fault (fat/oil down the sink or face wipes/baby wipes, sanitary products flushed down the toilet) will be recharged to the tenant.

Lock changes/ replacement keys

Tenants will have to pay for replacement keys or a lock change (if there is no spare key) if they lose their keys.

Ovens/ Hobs

We will provide an oven and a hob in all of our properties on move in. If they are damaged by the tenant, repair/replacement cost must be paid before repair/replacement is carried out.

Phone lines

We do not provide telephone lines (they may have been installed by a previous tenant but if not, the tenant is responsible to have phone line fitted if they so wish).


We are not responsible to replace blinds provided by us if they are damaged during your tenancy, the tenant must have repaired/replace.

Yards/ Gardens

Any outdoor space is the responsibility of the tenant – tenants must keep clean, tidy, de-weed, trim any foliage.


We will provide bins on move in. If it is lost/ stolen/ damaged tenant is responsible for replacements, tenants are responsible for ensuring bins are put out to be collected on the correct day

Washing machines

Tenants are responsible to make sure washing machines are plumbed in correctly, if there is a leak due to the washing machine plumbing, the tenant will be responsible to fix or pay the cost of our invoice if our contractor has attended.


We do not supply any white goods – any faults/damages to the property due to the tenant’s own appliances will be recharged to the tenant.

How to report repairs

If you have any repairs at your property which require attention, please call the repairs line on 01253 477875  or email the repairs mailbox:

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9 am—5 pm

Out of hours number: 0800 073 0184

From 5 pm on Friday this becomes an emergency line, the number automatically diverts to an out of hours service.  If you report an emergency our out of hours service will ask a series of questions to determine whether it is an emergency.  If it is found that the call-out wasn’t an emergency or the responsibility of the tenant/s then there will be a recharge.