Our Approach

Our core objective is to build a viable rental portfolio with the necessary scale and focus to make a positive impact in Blackpool.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to development, and we will continue to refine it over time in
order to meet evolving consumer demand and market conditions. The Company’s primary
operational footprint is inner Blackpool, taking in much of the resort core from North to South
Shore. We recognise that a blended approach will be necessary to secure impact. For example: as
well as targeting specific properties, such as those causing blight on the community, we will aim to
cluster our activity where a concentration of intervention can deliver lasting change to an area. We
will also vary the scale and type of intervention to maximise impact. This could be light touch
improvements to existing properties that are fundamentally sound through to full-scale
refurbishment and development of end of life or problematic properties.

Properties are most likely to be purchased by private treaty, by finding suitable properties being
marketed by local estate agents, via auction and by direct approaches from owners or developers.
Since the Company began operations in early 2016, we have established a presence in the market
and are often the first port of call for new properties coming on the market. We also work closely
with developers to consider other ways to deliver new homes to our required standard including
acquisition by the Company on a turnkey basis.

The company will ensure that it acquires property as cost-effectively as possible, utilising
professional skills and experience to determine the viability and potential of a project. Consideration
will be given to the Company’s mission alongside the financial assessment when testing the overall
viability of an investment.