Tenant FAQs

My Blackpool Home is committed to providing the highest levels of service to our tenants to support and guide them through the application process.

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about renting property.

How do I arrange a viewing?

If you want to view one of the properties we have available to let, please contact our office on 01253 477222 to arrange a viewing with one of our Lettings Officer’s.

How do I apply for a property?

If you want to apply for a My Blackpool Home property you will need to complete one of our application forms. You can obtain a copy of this from our office, at the viewing appointment or download a copy here. On return of your application form we will require photo ID or a copy of your full birth certificate, proof of income – wage slips/3 months bank statements/proof of benefits.

How much does it cost to apply?

From 01 June 2019 letting agencies are no longer able to charge application fees therefore there are no fees to pay when you apply for a property with ourselves. My Blackpool Home also do not charge a holding fee.

What happens after I hand in my application?

Once you have handed in your application form the application will be assessed by a Lettings Office. If further documentation/information is required then this will be requested from you. The Lettings Officer will complete your referencing and once completed you will be advised if you have been accepted for the property. If you have been approved for the property we will then arrange a suitable date and time for you to move in, the sign up paperwork will take place within the My Blackpool Home office. If your referencing is unsuccessful then we will unfortunately not be able to proceed.

Do I need to provide ID?

All landlords from 1st February 2016 are required to keep a record of ID provided by tenants as confirmation that they have the Right to Rent in the UK. Please speak to one of our lettings officers about what ID is acceptable for these checks.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

A deposit is paid to ensure that any damages caused by the tenant (over and above any fair wear and tear) can be corrected at the end of the tenancy. If at the end of your tenancy you leave your property in a good condition with no rent/utility arrears then the deposit will be returned to you.

What happens to my deposit?

All our deposits are registered with the Deposit Protection Service’s custodial scheme. Your deposit will be protected within 30 days of us receiving it. Once it has been protected, we will send you a copy of the prescribed information from the Deposit Protection Service. At the end of your tenancy if there is a dispute over the amount of deposit to be returned then the dispute will be heard by the scheme.

What does a tenancy deposit scheme do?

A tenancy deposit scheme will protect your deposit for the term of your tenancy. They are there to offer you any assistance should there be a dispute over the deposit at the end of your tenancy.

I cannot afford to pay a deposit?

My Blackpool Home works alongside Housing Options at Blackpool Council. If you cannot afford to pay a deposit, you can approach Housing Options for a referral for help with this bond. There is a strict criteria you will need to meet in order to be able to access these funds. All referral decisions will be made by Housing Options. Please contact Housing Options direct on 01253 477760.

How do I get my Deposit back at the end of my tenancy?

All our deposits are registered with the Deposit Protection Service’s custodial scheme. At the end of your tenancy you will need to log into your account to request these funds, My Blackpool Home will then release the funds if an agreement has been made, if there is a dispute over the amount of deposit to be returned then the dispute will be heard by the scheme.

Do I need to pay rent in advance?

You will need to pay 1 months’ rent in advance for all properties let through My Blackpool Home, unless otherwise stated on the property advert.

Do I need to provide a reference?

We will require a reference from your current or previous landlord. If you have never previously rented, you will be required to provide either a personal reference or a reference from your employer. If you fail our referencing check you may be required to provide a guarantor.

How long will my tenancy agreement be for?

You will be issued with an assured shorthold tenancy agreement; this will usually be for 6 months. At the end of the fixed term, your agreement will turn into a rolling periodic tenancy. You do not need to sign a new agreement at the end of the fixed term unless the landlord requires amendments to the terms of the agreement.

Will you be doing a Credit Check on me?

As part of your application, My Blackpool Home may complete a credit check on you. We will also complete a financial viability check with you; this is to ensure that you can afford to live in the property. My Blackpool Home aims to provide you with a sustainable property that you can afford to remain in.

Do I need to meet rent guarantee criteria?

Some landlords will require a rent guarantee for their property. Each property advert will clearly state whether a rent guarantee is required.

What is rent guarantee?

Some landlords take out rent guarantee insurance on their property to ensure that in the event the rent is not paid by the tenant, they do not lose out. However, the tenant is required to pass the rent guarantee reference completed by the insurance company. If the tenant is unable to act as the rent guarantee, you may ask a parent or guardian to act at the rent guarantee and they will need to pass this reference.

What is a guarantor?

If you are unable to get references, we may ask you to provide a guarantor; this is different from the rent guarantee as no insurance policy is taken out. This is someone you have asked to act as a guarantor (usually a parent or guardian) who will agree to take responsibility for the rent if you fail to pay. Guarantors are required to pay any rent arrears.

What does a guarantor need to do?

A guarantor needs to go through the same referencing process as the tenant. They will need to be employed and a UK resident, with sufficient income to cover the tenants rent.

How do I pay my rent?

We would recommend that you pay your rent via standing order, and we will provide you with a standing order form on the day you sign up for your property. Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer, pay by cash or cheque at the My Blackpool Home office.

What happens if I can’t pay my rent?

It is always your responsibility to make sure your rent is paid. However, we understand that circumstances do change and it is important that you keep us informed of any changes. We are here to assist you with any help you require in claiming Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or setting up a payment arrangement.

How much notice do I need to give?

You are liable for the rent until the end of the fixed term. If you want to leave your tenancy at the end of the fixed term you are required to give the landlord 1 months’ notice in writing, which will end on the expiration of the fixed term period. Once you are no longer in the fixed term you are required to give 1 months’ notice in writing.

How much notice does my landlord need to give me?

Your landlord is required to give you 2 months’ notice. This notice cannot expire prior to the end of the fixed term. There are specific grounds by which a landlord can seek possession of the property during the course of the tenancy, such reasons as rent arrears, anti-social behaviour etc. For further information on this please contact the office.

What do I do if I have a maintenance issue?

As outlined in your tenancy agreement it is your responsibility to notify us of any maintenance issues and it is our responsibility to ensure the issue is dealt with within a ‘reasonable’ time. If you have a maintenance issue please contact our office on 01253 477222. If an urgent maintenance issue occurs out of our office hours then please phone our emergency repair line on 0800 073 0184.

Is there anything else I need to do when I move into a property?

  • Contents Insurance – You are responsible for the insurance of your own contents and accidental damage to the landlords belongings.
  • Telephone/Broadband/Television – You are responsible for payment of a TV license if you watch TV in the property.
  • Utilities – You are responsible for informing suppliers as soon as possible with meter readings when you move in.
  • Council Tax – You are responsible for setting up and closing your council tax account. Blackpool Council can be reached here.
  • Water – You are responsible for setting up your water account with United Utilities.