Since 6th April 2007 all deposits taken by landlords must be safeguarded by one three Government approved schemes.

My Blackpool Home uses the Deposit Protections Service’s custodial scheme to register all our deposits. Under the custodial based scheme the deposit is sent to the Deposit Protection Service for the full length of the tenancy.

What is a deposit?

Deposits, which are also known as bonds, are paid by the tenant to the landlord when they rent a property. The deposit acts as a security for the landlord should any damage be caused by the tenant during the term of the tenancy.

All our property advertisements will clearly state how much deposit is required for each property. You will be required to pay the deposit on the date you sign for your tenancy agreement.

All our deposits are registered with the Deposit Protection Service’s custodial scheme. Your deposit will be protected within 30 days of us receiving it. Once it has been protected we will send you a copy of the prescribed information from the Deposit Protection Service.

At the end of your tenancy if there is a dispute over the amount of deposit to be returned then the dispute will be heard by the scheme.

Deposit Protection Scheme

Go to the DPS website here.