Drop in Sessions and Activities

Blackpool Better Start


Shared spaces are so important to the local community, giving opportunities to meet people, learn new things and find support. Blackpool Better Start provide free services and events at community venues, libraries and green spaces that help local families. We welcome every Blackpool family at any of our Family Hubs: https://blackpoolbetterstart.org.uk/families/



Step into Spring


Step into Spring programme, open to everyone to join in any or all of the Wellbeing and Social Community Hubs based in Blackpool. 

Running from 10th April until 21st June 2024, the Hubs offer refreshments and various games and activities for those who want to join in – for only £1




Blackpool Kids Clubs and Activities 


Blackpool Kids Clubs, classes and activities. Club Hub UK has the largest selection of kids clubs, classes and activities in the Blackpool area: https://clubhubuk.co.uk/city/blackpool/



Dads Place (Dads support group):


We understand that the inclusion of dads and male caregivers from pregnancy through to the early years contributes to positive outcomes for childrens social and emotional development. Sadly, many men become socially isolated from their families, friends, co-workers, etc, which can and does affect their mental health.

This is where peer support groups can help and provide a safe place for dads to have open and honest discussions about their fears and difficulties of becoming and or being a father with like-minded people. 

Peer support groups have been shown to reduce Social isolation due to engagement in social activities outside the home and are positive for those experiencing perinatal mental health difficulties: https://empowermentcharity.org.uk/the-dads-place/ 


We currently…

  • Deliver groups across the North, Central, and South locality Childrens Hubs and will be a combination of pre-birth and post-birth groups from 0 to 2 years.
  • Two digital peer support sessions with evening sessions considered in the near future.
  • All sessions will be on a Drop-In basis
  • Maternity staff, Health Visitors, Social workers, and other professional bodies will be invited to attend the groups as and when required by attendees.
  • A safe place for fathers to talk openly and honestly at their own pace, and seek advice and reassurance, with a view to building healthy and trusting relationships with their children and peers.
  • Encourage connection outside of the group setting for fathers, with a view to creating healthy and meaningful support networks. 
  • Engagement with dads at the earliest opportunity and support them through the transition into parenthood and up to 2yrs.
  • Encourage dads to access more universal support via the Family Hubs and Local Partners.



Blackpool Football Club Community Trust – Turn up and talk sessions 


Join Blackpool FC Community Trust on Monday evenings at the Get VOCAL Turn Up & Talk session. Just head to the North Stand Community Hub at the Blackpool Football Club Stadium.

Starting at 6.00pm, the 2 hour session helps bring men together to talk and enjoy each other’s company. For more information please contact info@bfcct.co.uk or call 01253 348691 https://www.bfcct.co.uk/



Layton Community House


Layton Community House hold a variety of sessions throughout the week to help combat loneliness and improve wellbeing. For more information call 01253 391811 or email 5laytoncommunityhouse@gmail.com https://www.laytoncommunityhouse.co.uk/news-updates