My Blackpool Home Tenancy Support Service

My Blackpool Home Tenancy Support Service


My Blackpool Home provides an in house support service, to promote tenancy sustainment and to encourage and support the independence and wellbeing of our tenants.

Our tenancy support can help in the following areas: 




Making sure that your home is suitable for you and your family, ensuring there are no accessibility issues, that it is the appropriate size, has the basic facilities that you need and repairs are being reported and carried out. We will also help you to understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.



Money and Rent


We will offer support and guidance on how you manage your money, including making sure your rent is being paid, dealing with bills, debts or arrears. We can also ensure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to and help you to make benefit claims or set up a bank account.



Looking after your home


An important part of your tenancy agreement is looking after your home. We will offer support around keeping your home safe and well maintained, heating and airing it, disposing of rubbish and recycling. We will also offer guidance so that you notice when things may go wrong in your home and how to report them and arrange repairs. This also includes common areas that you share with other tenants.

Health and wellbeing


This is not about whether your health is good or not but rather helping you look after your health and wellbeing, including managing any health conditions, going to the doctor or help getting a doctor and following any treatments. We can help with things like healthy and affordable meal recipes, getting exercise or joining classes and looking after your emotional wellbeing.



Positive use of time


If you are of working age, we can help support you in to employment, training or education – building your skills and moving towards a meaningful occupation. If you are a full-time parent or carer, this is your work and we can offer support around this. If you are retired or unable to work, this is an opportunity for you to explore purposeful, creative or selfless activities that give your life structure and meaning.



Community and contribution


It is nice to feel like you are part of the community where you live. This may include having friends or neighbours nearby that you can rely on or taking part in activities, or social, religious or cultural groups in your local area. We want all of our tenants to feel safe, connected and a positive part of the community. We can offer guidance around finding things that may be of interest to you. If you are a victim of bullying or abuse in your locality we can offer support to report this. If you feel you would benefit from our Tenancy Support Service please contact the team on 01253 477222 or email